Is it time to move back towards npm scripts yet?

There is quite some buzzing noise online about dropping gulp or grunt, or similar node task manages in order to go back to basics and use npm scripts and the command line. That’s why [...]



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Samsung NP300V5Z – Mountain Lion Success

Hey, After nailing another Core 2 Duo build on Mountain Lion last week I adventured into cursing a Samsung Laptop with the osx plague. I have followed the guide to Vanilla OS X from insanelyMac: [...]


Responsive, Fast Image lightbox with gallery support – Magnific Popup

The responsive trend has gotten up and beyond being highly popular nowadays. Therefore old tools need to be replaced by the ones which are up to the latest trends. In time I’ve gone through [...]


How to fix the Twitter blogger.js script and make it work with the oAuth required by the v1.1 API

Since the recent deactivation of the v.1 API of Twitter, the highly popular http://twitter.com/javascripts/blogger.js script was left nonfunctional. There is a straightforward procedure to get it [...]



Mountain Lion on Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H Tutorial

I’ve built a CustoMac, mostly based on the recommendations from TonyMacX86 – CustoMac: Buyer’s Guide 2012 I’ve chosen Z77X-D3H over the GA-Z77-DS3H, which has a supported [...]


Morning boosters

Ever felt in the need of a little Duracell power-up in the morning? Well, I found one and thought about sharing its ‘variations’ with you. All you need is: a blender and a citrus [...]


Bias Lightning – dramatically improves screen viewing experience in the dark

After reading all the positive reviews about bias lightning, I thought to give it a try… so I started off with the theory. The basics that you need are the following: a light source with [...]



My name is Crantea Mihaita, I currently live in Brasov, Romania, after getting a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at the West University in Timisoara. One of my passions has been the [...]

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