Responsive, Fast Image lightbox with gallery support – Magnific Popup

The responsive trend has gotten up and beyond being highly popular nowadays. Therefore old tools need to be replaced by the ones which are up to the latest trends. In time I’ve gone through [...]


How to fix the Twitter blogger.js script and make it work with the oAuth required by the v1.1 API

Since the recent deactivation of the v.1 API of Twitter, the highly popular http://twitter.com/javascripts/blogger.js script was left nonfunctional. There is a straightforward procedure to get it [...]


Enhance reCaptcha accessibility with disabled images

I’ve encountered an accessibility problem these days… default reCaptcha isn’t properly accessible when the images are disabled. A solution is to detect the availability of [...]


Internet Explorer & Elements with an ID get a matching global variable in JS

Object doesn't support this property or method If you’re getting an odd behavior on your scripts in Internet Explorer, try adjusting their name (for example by adjusting their names with a [...]


jQuery Easy Slideshow Plugin

There exists no other JS sideshow plug-in for me…. just Cycler: http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/ Why bother using complicated alternatives… when you can do it in just one line? [...]


Font resize detection

We all crashed into the problem where a website’s layout gets ruined when zooming in or out the font-size in the browser… You can read a really good article from ALA giving a nice [...]