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Samsung NP300V5Z – Mountain Lion Success

Published on November 12, 2013 by , in Hackintosh


After nailing another Core 2 Duo build on Mountain Lion last week I adventured into cursing a Samsung Laptop with the osx plague.

I have followed the guide to Vanilla OS X from insanelyMac:

You need to download the latest Maverick Install Guide – with Screenshots.pdf from the end of the first item in that thread (I used Mavericks install Guide – v4.2 – With Sreenshots.pdf), as that’s the latest one.

I followed part 1 step entirely to download all of the software.

I created the vanilla installer following the Part 2 with the only exception being the usage of Master Boot Record (the laptop never booted from a GUID Partition table).

For the part 2.2 I patched the installer and used a MacBook Pro 8.1 definition for the SMBios (as that was the one already using Sandy Bridge i5)

In order to cope for the Master Boot Record I followed the steps from 2.3 to add the tweaked version of the OSInstall files from there. (I only had a Mountain Lion 10.8.2 version on a stick, but it should be working just as fine with 10.8.5 and using those files).

Installing OSX

I was only able to boot on the usb stick with the -x flag on. (use the USB 2.0 ports for booting with the stick). An odd issue was the fact that I was not able to access the keyboard & touchpad at all during the installation, so you’ll have to make sure you have a USB mouse & keyboard laying around (I used a wireless keyboard plugged into the USB).

Other than formatting the hard drive using the Master Boot Record and Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) file system everything went smoothly.

After installing for making the drive bootable – it is required to boot once more into the installer and access the Utilities -> Terminal and copy the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and FakeSMC.kext from the USB stick on the main hard drive where you already installed OSX. I encountered a little hick-ups as simple auto-completion didn’t seem to function correctly with the volume name containing a space in it (in the tutorial you have “os x” for the volume name, but I recommend using a simple, space-less volume name). After figuring out to add the quotes around the autocompleted file addresses I was able to make it bootable (without doing this, it simply gives the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement kernel panic, don’t worry).

I had to use the -f boot flag to get into the OSX properly. (this clears the caches of the kexts, so it loads the ones we manually copied into the /System/Library/Extention folder).

Once inside, I got the proper resolution going, but no audio, no network, no keyboard, no touchpad. Now the fun begins.

Here I dropped the guide to vanilla osx and downloaded the latest MultiBeast (5.5) and installed drivers:

–  I knew it had a Realtek LAN card, so I followed my guts and installed the Lnx2Mac driver

Rebooted – had internet going.

I tried installing the VoodooHDA, but that one didn’t detect the audio card, so after googling a bit I found that the C200 audio card is quite common through laptops and ended up on this thread:

Went to settings and selected for the sound the internal speakers – had audio going.

Rebooted, went again to multibeast and installed the ps/2 keyboard and touchpad driver and that activated my keyboard (the function keys work as well). I also installed the generic USB 3.0 driver.

The webcam works out of the box.

Now I still need to have the following:

  • the wireless network card
  • the touchpad (I use a wireless mouse most of the time, but I’ll still try to get this going)
  • the battery charge status (it displays 0% for now) – I get the dimmed screen when removing the power cord and goes bright when plugging it back in, so it is functional, but unknown

Not sure about nvidia.

I found another post with a similar hardware here, which I’ve followed to get Audio working and will draw inspiration onto trying to get other things I might have missed working properly.…asus-k43sv-a43sv-mountain-lion-working-help-needed.html

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