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Ever felt in the need of a little Duracell power-up in the morning? Well, I found one and thought about sharing its ‘variations’ with you.
All you need is: a blender and a citrus juicer.

The basics are common throughout all the ‘recipes’.

  • 1 glass of bottled water (you can vary this depending on how thick or thin you want the smoothie to be)
  • First, the water is put into the blender along the leaves. After ~ 30 seconds, you need to filter out water that has become green through a strainer (you might want to move the foam from one side to another with a table spoon to avoid blocking the flow of liquid). That’s how you get your ‘chlorophyll essence’.
  • If any citrus fruits are used in the recipe, I prefer to squeeze them in the citrus juicer (as it keeps away all the seeds easily)
  • Regular fruits are pealed and get their seeds removed before putting them into the blender.
  • After you get the – chlorophyll essence, the citrus juice, and the pealed pile of fruits, put them all together in the blender and let it do it’s thing.

To get a maximum enjoyment from this, try to use your best looking glasses for your morning routine. It will make you feel better, treated like a king.

I will be updating this post with smoothies that I liked the most… and also grade them.

May 19th – Spinach-Orange-Pear (7)

  1. greens – 1 hand of spinach leaves
  2. citrus – 1 orange
  3. fruits – 1 large pear

May 20nd – Parsley-Apple-Cinnamon (5)

  1. greens – 1 hand of parsley leaves
  2. fruits – 3 apples
  3. extra – a spoon of cinnamon, a spoon of honey

May 22nd – Radish-Orange-Apple (8)

  1. greens – 1 hand of radish leaves
  2. citrus – 1 orange
  3. fruits – 4 small apples
  4. extra – added some small mint leaves for decoration.

May 24th – Carrot-Radish-Orange-Apple-Chocolate (7)

  1. greens – 1 hand of radish and carrot leaves (mixed)
  2. citrus – 1 orange
  3. fruits – 2 apples
  4. extra – sprinkled some chocolate chips on top

May 25th – Carrot-Apple (5)

  1. greens – 1 hand of carrot leaves
  2. fruits – 4 apples
  3. extra – 2 tablespoons of honey
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