WordPress – get_search_link() enhancer

You already know that when performing the search in WordPress, the URL becomes something with: /?s=lorem+ipsum in the end. An odd fact was that get_search_link() returns something like [...]


Enhance reCaptcha accessibility with disabled images

I’ve encountered an accessibility problem these days… default reCaptcha isn’t properly accessible when the images are disabled. A solution is to detect the availability of [...]


Internet Explorer & Elements with an ID get a matching global variable in JS

Object doesn't support this property or method If you’re getting an odd behavior on your scripts in Internet Explorer, try adjusting their name (for example by adjusting their names with a [...]

Adding wmode transparent to WordPress 3 media embeds

In case you have a website that uses dropdowns you probably noticed the dropdown panel might get under the flash media (like Youtube video embeds). The fix to this is to setup the wmode attribue [...]


jQuery Easy Slideshow Plugin

There exists no other JS sideshow plug-in for me…. just Cycler: http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/ Why bother using complicated alternatives… when you can do it in just one line? [...]


TR Backgrounds & Fixing IE

I was struggling to get some cross-browser rounded corners zebra table rows… but since the table required vertical-align:middle… applying the top right AND bottom right corners was [...]


Badminton Relaxation

Badminton – this is a game I find being really relaxing… but with the right ‘tools’. Some low-quality racquets might blow the fun out of it, but the good news is that [...]


Font resize detection

We all crashed into the problem where a website’s layout gets ruined when zooming in or out the font-size in the browser… You can read a really good article from ALA giving a nice [...]

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