Prevent the Collapse of Software Development Civilization

This talk was done 2 years ago, at a gaming conference. The title “Preventing the Collapse of Civilization” is an accurate representation of the content, it’s not click-baity.. and it’s talking about the collapse of our digital, shipping software world, and the drop in productivity and purpose that’s being felt throughout the industry because of a big plethora of reasons, but most importantly of all is the over-complication.

WordPress has peaked (may 2022, marking a decline in WP’s marketshare), and what we do will influence what future we will have in 10 years from now. Will we enjoy the challenges and building software that’s pleasant to use and to extend? Or would we spend 9 out of those 10 years just fixing bugs we wrote in the first, eternally in a rat race?

What we do every day matters, as is maintaining a perspective of how would our actions today influence the future that will come towards us at an ever-increasing speed. Just blink your eyes and years have past.

When did roll-off-the-tongue constructs like (and this is just me fantasising)..  “React with redux running npm on serverless architecture based on micro services orchestrated as docker containers running on an emulated unix environment under Windows setup to run x86 instructions on ARM hardware” become cool?

Write. Good. Code.
that you are proud of

Hope you will carve some time to watch (or listen) to this and further expand your horizons and your personal view of the world.

Does this stir ideas which can positively impact your day through simplification?
Turn them into reality, and your future self will be grateful for that.

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